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Cleaning Hotel Room

Housekeeping department

The dedicated focus of our team revolves around ensuring impeccable cleanliness, meticulous organization, and impeccable presentation throughout the hotel's rooms, public spaces, and presentation areas. With a harmonious and welcoming approach, our staff diligently attends to our guests, prioritizing their needs and ensuring a memorable experience throughout their stay.

Adhering rigorously to the hotel's established standards, our team fosters seamless collaboration through daily interactions with various internal departments. We believe in the essence of teamwork, recognizing its pivotal role in maintaining our service excellence.

Maintenance department

Their primary role involves ensuring the flawless condition of all facilities while steadfastly adhering to the company's stringent quality and service standards. Their approach is marked by a positive, proactive attitude in swiftly resolving any unforeseen issues that may arise. Their resourcefulness and adeptness in addressing maintenance concerns across various areas are of paramount importance, coupled with their dedicated collaboration and communication with other departments.

Fontaneros felices
Recepcion del hotel

Front Desk department

Exhibiting cordiality and exceptional client service stands as the cornerstone of this role, as it embodies the brand's face and representation. Effective teamwork and seamless communication among various departments are pivotal.


Upholding impeccable personal presentation is intertwined with delivering excellent customer service, forming an integral part of our commitment to guest satisfaction.


Food and beverage department

At the core of this department lie the pillars of service, kindness, attentiveness, agility, and respect. Organizational prowess and meticulous planning consistently align with impeccable personal presentation, given the direct correlation of these elements to our customer-centric operations. Proficiency in food and beverage knowledge serves as the bedrock for delivering impeccable service, ensuring an exceptional guest experience at all times.

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