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Maintenance department

Their primary role involves ensuring the flawless condition of all facilities while steadfastly adhering to the company's stringent quality and service standards. Their approach is marked by a positive, proactive attitude in swiftly resolving any unforeseen issues that may arise. Their resourcefulness and adeptness in addressing maintenance concerns across various areas are of paramount importance, coupled with their dedicated collaboration and communication with other departments.

Routine Maintenance

We conduct periodic work on common or private elements of your residential unit. These works are necessary due to usage, natural wear of systems and facilities, ordinary environmental aggressiveness, and aging of construction materials.

Corrective Maintenance

We handle the diagnosis, prognosis, repair, and protection of structures showing pathological manifestations, addressing evident issues such as leaks or dampness.

Gardening and landscaping services

At Don Julio Service LLC, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier Gardening and Landscaping Services tailored to elevate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor spaces. Our expert team combines creativity and precision to craft stunning landscapes, providing meticulous care, from design conceptualization to maintenance. Whether it's enhancing commercial properties or transforming residential gardens, our dedication ensures vibrant, sustainable, and captivating outdoor environments that exceed expectations.

Preventive Maintenance

We perform pre-planned activities during the usage and maintenance period of the structure. This includes the removal of acid mold, facade cleaning, application of resins on exposed surfaces, painting with hydrophobic varnishes, as well as renovation and construction of elements like gutters, parapets, among other protective measures.

On-site Repair Works

We carry out necessary works in buildings in the event of extraordinary breakdowns caused by abnormal climatic or environmental agents. We also address unusual defects arising from premature aging of components or installations due to hidden faults in design or construction quality. Furthermore, we perform periodic and extraordinary replacements of equipment or installations due to reaching their average lifespan.

Other facility maintenance services

we extend our expertise beyond conventional services, delivering comprehensive 'Other Facility Maintenance Services.' Our diverse range of solutions covers everything from janitorial services, equipment maintenance, to specialized facility upkeep. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, our skilled team ensures seamless operations and upkeep, catering to various industries with tailored, reliable, and innovative facility maintenance solutions


Florida, US


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Sarah Thompson

Don Julio's routine maintenance is exceptional! They keep my home in top shape, addressing wear and tear swiftly.
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